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  ken d
cumberland  ri  usa

11/05/05 0:43:17 am
    any one have a schematic or manuel for a ross pc8400 pwred mixer -- ken  

  Samuel A. Cruz (Bxmkr)
San Francisco  CA. 94110  USA

06/05/05 3:42:28 am
    Very Cool, very useful and very welcome. definitely what the net should be about. -- Samuel  

boulder crk  ca  usa

06/01/05 1:34:27 am
    still need info on alamo dual vibrato-circa 1950's -- vince  

richmond  va  usa

04/21/05 7:51:27 pm
    I have many schematics if anyone is looking. 3 file cabs 9 drawers full of schematics -- clint  

  Darrel Yount
Las Vegas  Nevada  USA

02/11/05 8:42:03 pm
    I repair all electronics including Pro Audio and this site is an example of free exchange between tech's that the manufactures should encourage but they don't. It seems lately that after a few years manufactures act as if they never heard of the equipment they produced. I have gathered lots of info but so much has been lost about the classic equipment that is now seen for what it was, a great diversity that can't be duplicated by the big corps. -- Darrel  

  Dwight Listmayer

11/17/04 3:48:37 am
    I REALLY appreciate the access to schematics. Thank you, Strat Man Dwight Listmayer/Blues Deluxe -- Dwight  


seattle  wa  usa

11/08/04 6:08:52 pm
    hey...this is the best guitar amp site i've EVER seen. WOW! please keep up the great work! -- APS  


10/12/104 4:30 pm
    Very good .
If it is possible send to me given(data) on
Target transformers Fender. Ill be beholden... - Evgenij
-- evgenij

NYS burbs  NY  USA

8/30/104 3:45 pm
    Excellent site plus they've sent me schematics. Now can it get any better than that? -- Willy  



7/16/104 4:52 pm
    Watt sucking glow FET's -- anonymous  



7/2/104 8:51 pm
    Brutsch wulk schematic opf ah Yamaha Keyboard Oink bopft oh rulp hng brtsch barft. -- Obotsch  

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