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7/2/104 8:51 pm
    Brutsch wulk schematic opf ah Yamaha Keyboard Oink bopft oh rulp hng brtsch barft. -- Obotsch  


7/2/104 1:06 am
    Looking for information cct diagrams for polyelectronics POCOM AFR 20-10 demodulators -- Ross  

  John Christopher Badolian
Burbank  CA  USA

4/13/104 11:25 pm
    I just buit my first amp. I used the ax84 sch. and it turned out great. I work at Walter Odemer Co., Inc. A Radio repair shop, we work on old car radios even tube types. So if anyone needs help you can call 818-846-2819 or email -- John Christopher Badolian -- John  



4/1/104 10:35 pm
    Can you add schematic of Marshall stereo cabinet model 1960 ?
I can't find it anywhere. I need it ASAP, because i have homebrew 4x12 cabinet and i'm gonna use it in homestudio soon.
Thank you anyway
-- anonymous

  Mike Kropotkin
Sterling  VA  20165

4/1/104 1:22 pm
    Does anyone know who to contact to update the URL for my banner ad?
-- Mike


3/17/104 9:37 pm
    Greatstuff!! Planning to build my first tube amp, permap. And this site gives me a flying start. -- Gaute  

  Daryl Mills
Hamilton  Dinsdale  Hamilton

3/6/104 0:37 am
    Excellent site - well done.
I am putting together as many schematics as I can to swap with other people of similar intrests and would love if people could submit their schematics to
-- Daryl

  Ernst Erb
Lucerne    Switzerland

2/17/104 1:13 pm
When I came across your very interesting site, it occured to me that it must appeal to about the same audience as the one that is attracted to That gave me the idea to suggest an exchange of links.

The portal registers between 3000 and 5000 visits daily with more than 20'000 pages being perused of the 40000 with 35000 pictures incl. 18000 schematics. You may convince yourself of the popularity of by going to the independent Nedstat statistics via the blue icon, on the homepage bottom left. There is no doubt in my mind that linking would generate additional traffic for your site too.

Should you go along with this, please use our banner if at all possible. You will find it by going to "Logos" at the bottom of the screen. It's also available directly via However, you may have to click on the banner for English first in order to view our site in that language.

Following that, put in your own link in your preferred form via

Under the proper circumstances, an exchange of links is always a win-win situation for the linking parties. But even more so, in my opinion, for the visitors to either site.

Thank you for your attention to this. I am looking forward to your affirmative reply.

Ernst Erb (HB9RXQ)
-- Ernst

Moscow    Russia

1/15/104 12:26 pm
    ! --,

Welcome to the new site on rockabilly, jive and neoswing.

! PIJONY, the 1st Russian swingers ex-MISTER TWISTER
- -

-- webmast


  Fran Kull
Quakertown, PA   

1/13/104 2:45 am
    Looking for a schematic for a Jordan Gig/ volume pedal, model 4000 circa 1973? -- Fran  


1/10/104 10:48 am

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