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submitted anonymously on 123
Respected Sir, Thank you very much for web designed which covers important points, care, the beautiful story of Amarnath Yatra. We three of us visited Amarnath Yatra in the year 2010 and would like to deposit a little our saving for the great services made by Bhole Bhandari Charitable Trust and we shall not forget the hearty services made by the trust. we are greatful to all the members and committee members of the trust. thank you. 9   >   0
submitted by K.RAMAGOPAL.K-ADVOCATE on 6/11/111 3:35 pm 000221
volley ball 8   >   0
submitted by dewa on 5/5/111 3:34 pm 000220
Hi, Would you be willing to fix 2 links for They are located at and labeled "18w main site" and "Main 18 watt page". I almost gave up, then entered "" as a URL, which worked, so it's just the link that's messed up. This guy's (Graydon Stuckey's) stuff is just too good for people to miss! Thanks, Steve (A big fan of your website.) 9   >   0
submitted by Stephen Rozzo on 11/30/110 4:10 am 000219
Can anybody help with info and schematic's for a Gelf Talon Combo designed by Ken Flegg 13   >   0
submitted by Brian on 6/15/110 4:12 am 000218
diesel???????? 13   >   0
submitted by terrencerocks on 3/29/109 9:00 pm 000217
You should add this site to the list: The selection of 5   <   6
submitted by Dan on 1/28/109 8:45 pm 000216
Do anybody have a wiring diagram for the Wooddy Acoustic Simulator published in the Hammer's Ampage site ?? 18   >   0
submitted by Martin (Argentina) on 10/23/106 7:25 pm 000215
can some one help me find a schematic for the IBANEZ PUE-5 TUBE multi pedal 60   >   2
submitted by oz on 2/19/106 10:26 pm 000214
I loved to found here the Marshall 100W schematic i do need to repair mine but my power-line transformer has burned and i'd like to find also datas obout transformers and static + dynamic voltages, measured currents and so on ... THANKS A LOT for what is already here ! 19   >   0
submitted by gg on 2/9/106 9:43 am 000213
Great site with some really good info and homebrew amps! However........many of the sites are outdated and cannot be accesssed.Maybe dump the dead wood?Some homebrew amp sites are no longer available. Keep up the good work-- Steve 17   >   0
submitted anonymously on 2/2/106 6:43 am 000212

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