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Hello from Houston! While browsing your site, I came across a link to Small Bear Electronics which goes to an old netcom site that (of course) Earthlink has not set up to forward. The new site for Small Bear Electronics is: which can be verified with Steve Daniels at: I am not associated with Steve in any way. Just a music fan who enjoys dealing with small firms such as his, which deserve the notice and business. Thanks for your efforts also. DMD 3   >   1
submitted by D. Mark Detrixhe on 4/30/102 3:37 pm 000182
Thank you for listing my website on your webpage: I have relocated my website to another location. Please update your links to my website: Andrew's Musicians' Resources Thank you, Andrew 4   >   0
submitted by Andrew on 4/18/102 10:16 pm 000181
if there is anyone out there that does work with keyboards....i would like to see a preamp pedal that gives overdrive to organ sounds. thank you --- a bewildered keyboard guy. 6   >   1
submitted by Len Dobrzyn on 4/12/102 9:23 am 000180
ibanez smash box.. schematic does anyone have an ibanez smash box schematic..?????? or if not would anyone with the pedal be willing to photograph the insides and the board tracings..................????? thanks 32   >   1
submitted by ansil jailah on 3/24/102 8:52 am 000179
How about a forum specifically dedicated to the mechanical aspects of amp construction? I've seen many great pieces of advice in these matters on the BBS but it's usually spread throughout all the forums. 11   >   0
submitted by on 3/9/102 2:54 am 000178
In -->REFERENCE-->SHEMATICS -->HIWATT PREAMP there is 1.) an error: the second input section (the NORMAL input), the first triodes' anode resistor (220K) does not goes directly to the HT, but like the first triodes' anode resistor (220K) of the first input AFTER (BEHIND?) the 10K 1W resistor! 2.) where ist the (more interesting) driver and phase turn part of this amp? Does anyone knows where the FEEDBACK wire from the output is connected to? 5   >   0
submitted by Schweineorgel on 3/4/102 10:16 am 000177
Where can I find out how to build a very small tube amp for a silly-ass art project (as all of my art projects are) I am using it to power a CD player. My needs are: simple, small and of course cheap. thanks, Bill 4   >   0
submitted by bill brovold on 2/21/102 6:43 am 000176
I have Randall RT-30 (AC-30 clone) schematics as .pdf files that I would like to submit. How can I get themn to you? 35   >   0
submitted by adam levinthal on 1/21/102 3:06 am 000175
GREAT page! I just placed a link to it on my site. What do you think about putting a link to my site ( on your page? I manage a website for Metaltronix amplifier collectors (anyone remember those?). The page features tips, schematics, manual, history, etc. 8   >   0
submitted by Jason on 1/13/102 6:35 pm 000174
groovy site! Now if only you had plans for a bass amp...does anyone have plans for a goodly sized gigging combo? Yes, I am crazy, just ask my wife... 2   >   0
submitted by michael on 1/5/102 8:00 am 000173
There needs to be a way to fix or update links to homebrew amp pages. I submitted #84 "Mills Amp" with a bad path to my amp page, but I couldn't go back and fix it. So, I submitted it again as #85 with the correct path. Could someone delete the one with the bad link? Thanks, David 3   >   0
submitted by David Mills on 12/24/101 7:12 pm 000172

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