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"..the vibrato continuously comes on by itself intermittantly and just keeps doing it over again"
submitted by Charles on 7/8/98 7:47 am 000008

I was in fits of laughter when a friend told me he had made a speaker cabinet using epileptical speakers, but I should really keep quiet as I once thought ICs were made out of silicone.
submitted by Dave Harris on 7/9/98 10:14 am 000009

My friend has a Firstman amplifier. It has four separate inputs: Normal, Hard, Reverb, and "Tremoro"

Where could this amp have been built?

submitted by Joe Munsinger on 7/9/98 11:50 pm 000010

The service manual for the Yamaha CLP-123 comes complete with a "Parts Rist". The Yamaha BK-6 service manual has a schematic of the "modurator" circuit. Talk about translation!
submitted by Bill on 7/10/98 2:22 am 000011

Have you ever read the label on the "Folded Line"reverberation device (spring reverb unit)? this one came out of a Yamaha or Centaur,It reads;"Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton,Wis. under controlled atmosphere conditions."
submitted by eric torg on 7/12/98 8:01 am 000012

My friend really liked the sound of his "DeMaggio" pickups played through his new "geographic equalizer".
submitted by Jim Britton on 7/13/98 3:13 pm 000013

The Japaneese service manual read "Tranceformer"
submitted by Ashton on 7/15/98 4:36 pm 000014

My favorite is the guy who brought in

an Ampeg with the base key broken on the EL34's.

He'd tried to unscrew the tubes...

Then there's the guy who called in looking for a "fuse".

I asked him how many amps it was..a slight pause,

then he answered "Twelve amps by seven amps.."

A few more questions elicted the information that

the "fuse" was really odd and had 9 pins...

submitted by Ned Carlson on 7/18/98 3:34 am 000016

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