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by John Greene     A variation on the Tubescreamer with added features.     from Greene Pedals

Cookie Fuzz
by Anthony Setchell     Fuzz face clone with Custom decorated case.

The Real McTube II
by Fred Nachbaur     A reissue of my popular "The Real McTube" Overdrive / Distortion unit, first published in Electronic Now, Feb. 1999. Uses a 12AX7A for two stages of preamplification in a somewhat starved mode of operation for that classic sound. Good beginner project, all parts commonly available.     from Fred Nachbaur's Vacuum Tube Projects

ehx small stone phaser
by Oskar Bruil     machine sanded box, grit 100, then sprayed with clear lacquer     from Oskar's DIY stompbox site

ehx Big Muff Pi (picture and soundclips)
by Oskar Bruil     bmp sprayed blue, then the top was sanded, then sprayed with clear lacquer     from Oskar's DIY stompbox site

chandler Tube Driver
by Oskar Bruil     Chandler 12v ac tubedriver clone. Has external power supply and modified tonestack (0.1uf coupling cap instead of trebble/bass tonestack). Spraypainted white. The paint is already chipping off the bottom.     from Oskar's DIY stompbox site

Small case of electra Distortion
by Petri Junno     Can you make any effect smaller than this? (preferably with 9v battery) I even like the soun of the electra circuit even if it isn't very transparent...

nic's pedal board
by nic     Habanero FETTish & Super Chile Picoso

HomeBrew Tweaks: several home-built pedals
by Sean Kilback     Builds of the following: Fuzz Face, MXR Distortion+, ProCO RAT, ABY switcher, Rangemaster, and more.     from HomeBrew Tweaks

DIY fender tube reverb unit
by Kepa    

Dallas Rangemaster
by Arno van der Heijden     Dallas Rangemaster clone. Germanium transistor, input capacitor switch, true bypass, clear coated, custom graphics.

Bradley Fuzz
by Chris Bradley     A minimalist Fuzz Face. Input, output, volume knob, footswitch. Big, fat, and nasty tone!     from CB's guitar and amp pages

ReVibe Standalone tube reverb + 6G tremolo
by Jeff Gehring     Combine a brown '62 Fender Concert-style tremolo with a standalone reverb unit and you get...

My Stompbox Collection
by Paul Marossy     Here's all the pedals I have built to date.     from DIYguitarist.com

My DIY Pedal Board
by Paul Marossy     Here's my DIY pedal board made from a flimsy bass guitar case. Now it's a great pedal board!     from DIYguitarist.com

Real McTube II
by Paul Marossy     My slightly modified version of the Real Mctube II. This is a picture essay of my project. Not really a stompbox per se, but still useful.     from DIYguitarist.com

Compact Pedalboard for Less Than $20
by Paul Marossy     How to make a compact pedalboard out of what looks like useless thrift store junk.     from DIYguitarist.com

DIY musicians webpage
by Dirk Wacker     Cool DIY projects for musicians, devided into three main cahpters: tube amps, electrical guitars and stompboxes

by Vincent     Hi there, I designed a switch box for musicians wanting to use the same effect loop with 2 different instuments, each one having its own amp. You'll find a first shot of the description there: http://bluesmothers.de/download/Share-A-Loop.pdf Feel free to comment it and/or publish it on your website. You can modify it (to list the parts available on your website for instance) if you notice it is an edited version somewhere. Keep up the good work! Vincent.